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Who Are You

Visions of what you once were. So many months and now a sickly shadow. You take responsibility for letting yourself go. My hands were in the pot too, I say I didn’t know. You can’t hear what I say, When you get this way.… Continue Reading “Who Are You”

From Far Away We are Free

London taken from Greenwich (Cutty Sark) We are never free from ourselves. Even if you travel to the ends of the Earth, there is always someone you can never leave behind. But, when you are alone and in an unfamiliar place, you might find… Continue Reading “From Far Away We are Free”


I was watching a YouTube video, and the woman was talking about how being vulnerable is a part of finding your strength, happiness and success. As I was listening,  it began to make more and more sense to me.  Putting myself “out there” with… Continue Reading “Vulnerability”

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