Sexy Time

If you are looking for a little kick to your Valentine's day sexy time, try this oily recipe. The mixture is applied inside of the thigh (for women). It smells heavenly and if you use a good carrier oil like jojoba, it goes on silky smooth. As always, I prefer Young Living brand oils. There's... Continue Reading →

Ooooh Vitality is Out!

I love how Young Living adapts and overcomes! Their new vitality line is awesome. The different labeling allows its users to tailor their use and education of the product easier with the Vitality line. I'm definitely updating my monthly Essential Rewards order with some of these. I think people get put off by Young Living... Continue Reading →

Meat Muffins

So, here's a great recipe using a muffin tin vice the regular meatloaf pan. 1lb ground beef or turkey 1 egg 1/2-3/4 cup breadcrumbs (Italian or plain) 1/2 cup barbecue sauce ( I like Cattleman's Carolina tangy) 1/2 cup of onions salt and pepper to taste heat oven to 375 degrees and bake for 25... Continue Reading →

Gary and I

I met Gary in a town called Ocracoke about 2 months ago. I was walking and window shopping around 4:30 in the afternoon and that's when I stumbled on an interesting general store. Out in front of the entrance is where our eyes met. He gazed at me longingly as if his eyes were saying... Continue Reading →

Frank and Lavender

There's always times during the day when work gets a little slow, and instead of reaching for a cupcake, I reach in my purse and grab some frankincense and lavender for my diffuser. Of course, some offices have rules about air fresheners no excessive perfumes and sprays. My workplace is no exception. But, I run... Continue Reading →

Bootie Spray

OK. So, the husband wants me to concoct a bootie spray for his surf boots. I say just buy some, but in the interest of being frugal, here it is: It's kind and of trial by error. I'm no scientist or chemist, but it's been working for the stink in the boots. 😘 spray bottle... Continue Reading →

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