The gladiolus is native to Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and Eurasia.  But mine were native to Lowes in the bulb section. Their stems are normally unbranched and produce 1 to 9 sword shaped leaves. The large-flowered types require moisture during the growing season, and must be individually staked as soon as the sword-shaped flower heads... Continue Reading →

I'm usually posting about oil recipes, but today starter kits from Young Living are 10% off!! I got a second one! T his company has been in the business 20+ years, they own or partner in the farms, and control the growing, harvesting, distillation and bottling. I wouldn't trust any other brand- you never know... Continue Reading →

I don't get it. My cats (both long hair) love to sit on the porch and sleep when its 90 degrees out. It's like they go into hibernation mode. They also look drunk. Lol

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