Scarborough Castle May 19th 2018 Old and broken yet still standing... Great food- The Courtyard Interesting Locals- The Turks Head Pub

Running away, Or running free? I never know which it will be. Vanishing city or a trick of the eye? Chasing the fog. Chasing a lie. We are all scared. The sway has been lost. There's no return trip but we are still charged a cost.

London taken from Greenwich (Cutty Sark) We are never free from ourselves. Even if you travel to the ends of the Earth, there is always someone you can never leave behind. But, when you are alone and in an unfamiliar place, you might find out who you need to be.

I was trained in electronics. I know how to test circuits for current, use frequency meters and accidentally shock myself 😂 I also know that even though I can't necessarily see voltage, current or frequency with my eyes, it does exist. Our bodies give off energy and have their own frequencies. When we are out... Continue Reading →

I know the power of a vision board. I have used them before. It's about taking the time to sit quietly with yourself and "put out" to the universe what you want/need. I decided, since they are such powerful tools, to move mine onto the fridge. Why the fridge? Well, I see it multiple times... Continue Reading →

Short poem: Nothing to me Is ever right or good intentioned. Always fantasies of what could have happened. Running from myself the soul is forgotten. In a dream we jump and wake before hitting bottom. But those of us that cannot escape are not forgotten.

I wish I was someone else. I wish I was somewhere else. I wish that the feelings I have were enough for today. I wish I could sail away be taken by the sea. Washed with salt and reborn. Reborn from the earth and the sea.

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