Gone Wrong

Dug in deep

Like it’s a race to the top of the shit heap.

Fools warned

Family scorned

Narcs all around and you look dumb.

Family hats, I broke free.

There’s none of that.

King of the waste. Top of the pile of haste.

Ode to Huki

There once was a cat named Huki

Her middle name was Duki

She lived in my house

And slept on my couch

Her name was Huki Duki


I owe you nothing. Well. As I remember it we have what’s called a stalemate.

Zero is the pot. Lady lucks hands are empty tonight.

As I recall, there is nothing spent so, nothing shall be made.

I owe you nothing.

Nothing is always how you pay.

January so barren, before the great plague.

Still I appeased you and nothing I made.

A heart so empty, scooped out like guts from your supper.

Rotten foul is no dinner no food eaten for dinner.

Table is bare no food to be made.

And you always owe nothing while the rest of us fade.

Never Ever

Ugh, another fake smile. Lies all over social media. It’s great you have six pack abs because you took a “break” from everything.

I think “I’ll never look like that” so why be upset. Then the gross feelings come about from the 3 helpings of penne and sauce I just shoveled in.

Oh well, another day another carb I guess.

But, I got outside today and drank some coffee so it wasn’t half that bad lol.

Enjoy your life the way you want and I will remind myself to do the same.


A hungry stomach that food won’t fill

Smiles with-out teeth and always going uphill

Does the sun come out with the shades always closed

Glass is very empty there’s never a half full

Blank walls a staring, no stories to be told

Come closer she whispers, and fret not my friend

The sun is always shining

With that glass in your hand.

Roses In The Light

December 1st

Warm and muggy rain

Night-light on the house

Shines on fading blooms

Of pinkish hues

Death comes soon

And the bloom is no more

Stuck on a Boat

A gull flew over and with a feather, dropped a note on a little boat. It said:

“Dear Sailor, the oars are filthy on that little dingy, not even the surf can clean up that dirt. You left your mast up and overstressed the hull, dumb thinking the ocean will always be at a lull.”

Check In 2

I probably need to do more of these since I go on “stealth mode” so frequently.

I would like to say that I’ve been at a loss for words but that’s not entirely true. Putting them into complete thoughts to convey a point is where I am really having difficulty as of late.

I usually get a picture in my head or take a picture of something in real life, but the motivation is not there.

So, to get the ball re-rolling, I just checked back in with this short post.

Thanks for indulging me😉


Some days all you have is a view of the trees at sunset or sunrise. The rest of the day is filled with sickness and broken sleep maybe some food in between.

But everyday the trees breathe. As do we. The lucky ones I guess.

There is a sunrise and a sunset which the trees always see.

And all we have is a view of the trees.

Parking Tickets

I can’t wait for you, Not right now at least.

I’m double-parked and too broke to pay the parking ticket.

It’s not a boot but a lead weight they’ll tie to my car.

Use another road or find a city street but don’t leave that trouble for me.

We Don’t Owe

No more calls

No more late nights

It’s just a fog in my head

My eyes swollen and burning

My chest is long and empty

No hunger, no yearning

No one owed us anything in this life

Not even a goodbye

Come And Go

You’ve only just gotten here

don’t leave so soon.

Rushing in


Leaving me too soon.

I thought the universe heard me.

When you messaged me

My wanting and wishing had came through.

Nope not this time just like the times before.

You are shutting everything off

Everything down

No offense to me

It’s conveniently never about me.

We tug

we war

You come. You go.

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