You’ll Catch Your Death

The water through the rocks,

sifting the silt and mud.

Runs over her toes half exposed.
No blood left,  flesh rotted from the bone.

But, noone can escape the smell.

If you are lucky, you’ll go way before you get old.

The soul rotted from the inside, but who can really tell.

The smell though. That is what we know.

Going out to the water and rocks. You’ll catch your death below.

Sea Is Calling Me

It’s semi-cold in Hatteras today. Like-60°. 😂

But, I never get bored walking the beaches. No sunshine is the best time for me because of my skin conditions.

 No 🌞 = No 🔥

So, on thanksgiving week, I am grateful for the peacefulness of waves crashing and the opportunity to just be here today. 

Travel Tips…(That I will most likely forget or ignore over and over again)

When I was on active duty, I was in charge of taking care of people, their safety, millions of dollars in equipment-the usual. 😂

So, I would always check my work on the planes, have someone else check it, then check it again. This was almost to the point of obsession and then, at times, getting frozen into inaction worrying about the completeness of my work.

Now that my life is on a different path and I’m settling into being “a normal citizen” I have slowed down tremendously.

What did I do to speed it back up? Spent most of my meager savings on a trip to England and Amsterdam. Crazy, I know, but I am not getting any younger and you can’t take your 💰 with ya when you go.

Did I do a stellar job of making sure all my chargers, sd cards, remotes for cameras etc. worked…or check and triple check I had everything…NOPE

So, my advice would be to make sure everything you bring actually works 😉 and you have all pieces of equipment or items you will need.

I am telling myself these are lessons learned but, I know me and I will probably not do any of that again next time.😂

Always Wanting

Take it, as you see. Take me.

How do you feel around me?

Body is so cold and I am alone on these streets.

Silly as I am. I wanted you because of you.

Not your face. Not your fame. Nothing but your insides do appeal to me.

I will never see. Walked down those freezing streets alone.

To be with me alone.

 I am stuck with me but wanting you.

Sunshine In Amsterdam

Just when I think everything is shit and I’m stuck in the circus of my head, the universe will throw me a sunny day. Then, miraculously I’m able to catch a glimpse of gratitude to help put things back into perspective. 

I’m not a failure if I am still here. 

Thieves And Gratitude

Arrived in London 4 days ago. No luggage, runing out of clean socks and patience. The positive side is that I’ve only had 2 major meltdowns… One privately (because air bnb room was disgusting) and the other in the lobby of the Doubletree by Hilton Greenwich.

The awesome manager at the hotel helped me explain the address to British Airways using my cell and I ate half a basket of their Halloween candy to “calm” myself.😄

But, when I got my luggage, I whipped outmy oils and 4 drops of Thieves blend went on one foot and the bottle of Gratitude blend drenched the other.

I don’t know whether it is routine or my trust in the oils that helped me through, I know with certainty – when in doubt- raise your frequency.  Those oils definately will.

Raise frequency=Raise your health

Darkness Taking Over The Light

Moon overtakes the sun. Sun overtakes the moon. Death always becomes us. 

Spring Cleaning – 3 Get Healthy Supplements 

All the new products, supplements and gadgets on the market today make my head hurt! The way we are used to getting healthy includes going to the doctor and taking a prescription. Which is definately needed in some instances. 

 By no means am I saying don’t listen to the doctor. There is a time and place for everything.  But for me, I got sick of that rodeo of back and forth. 

I have to admit, I am horrible with taking meds, vitamins, supplements.  But I had to make a commitment to myself to do it because, if nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Even with essential oils, consistency is key. And if I miss a day, I don’t scrap the whole plan as failed. I KEEP GOING. It’s ok to not do things perfectly (I am still learning that principle.)
Here are 3 supplements I found from Young Living that are great starters:

  1. Allerzyme– chock full of enzymes to promote digestion and support nutrient utilization. I take this before my meals and it’s great-this one can be tailored to your needs (1xday or 3xday)
  2. Multigreens– chlorophyll formula with spirulina, sprouts, barley grass, pacific kelp and more! We use this daily because sometimes we don’t get enough greens 😉 You can even open the capsules to put it into a shake!
  3. Inner Defense– quick dissolving liquidgel capsule to boost immune support. It also the supports the respiratory system and contains Young Living’s famous Thieves blend.

(of course check with your healthcare provider before starting a new regimen)

If you want to get started, I am onboard to help get you where you want to be!

The Silent Killer – Sedentary Life

Slowing down

Trapped in a bubble

Wasting away from inactivity

This is how I feel when I haven’t left the house for a week. My brain kinda gets stuck in a rut and then”rinse, lather and repeats.” It is so true what they say “use it or lose it.” I feel a little slower, can’t quite get the words out that I want to use, and then concentration goes and into bed or on the couch I go.

So, what can I do to help this not be so debilitating?

1. Color

2. 10 minutes of walking (I hate exercising)

3. Stay off of Facebook!!!!

There are numerous other things, but starting small is still progress. Change sucks! It’s not always easy, but I believe in baby steps-just not turtle baby steps. 😁


Poison Toothpaste!?!?

Brushing my teeth could kill me? Whaaat??? Well, maybe not right away.

I have been seeing so many articles and Pintrest pins about all the toxins in our daily use products. Formaldehyde, parabens, toluene, sodium lauryl sulfate, I can’t keep track. So, I started making the switch. But, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Lololol💣😆

I started with reading labels of my commonly used items and then looking up the ones I didn’t know  (or couldn’t pronounce). Here are a few I found in my medicine cabinet:

Triclosan – thought to cause disruption in thyroid function and hormone levels

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – skin irritant in high concentrations

Fragrance -artificial or synthetic can clog the lymphatic system

Dimethcone – non-biodegradable chemical (bad for environment), can cause skin irritation, forms layer over the skin that traps dirt and bacteria

Parabens – linked to reproductive damage and organ toxicity

Those are just a few. These chemicals are everywhere and are regarded as safe by the FDA, but not everything the FDA appproves is healthy for us. It’s impossible and impractical to ditch all your products and buy new ones. So, little swaps each month make it manageable.

I’m a firm believer in progress not perfection. Let me help you make the switch-we can walk through it together! There’s so many quality, natural products to make a healthy swap with!

I started with general spray cleaner and toothpaste. Here are my swaps:

One bottle of the Thieves cleaner will make about 12-14 bottles of cleaner, and there’s no flouride in the toothpaste.

If you are ready to make the swap, click “my choice for essential oils” and get the Thieves starter kit. Then, we can do this together!


Why Aromatherapy Works

Smell triggers memory responses which in turn create chemical responses in our brain and body.

For instance, when I was a kid, I ate an Atomic Fireball and it made me so sick I threw it up and drooled red slimy drool all down the shorts I had just gotten from Gold Circle. Mom was pissed and ever since then, the littlest smell of cinnamon in anything makes my mouth water and stomach turn. That’s a 30+ year scent-memory connection that creates an emotional and physiological response.

Essential oil molecules are so small they are able to get inside the cells of our body. Aromatherapy is one method to receive the healing constituents of essential oils by which they travel into the nose, into the brain and cells of our body.

This is why it works. Aromatherapy gives us the ability to disperse the oil and all of its wonderful properties in a way that can be easily absorbed by the body. Once in the body, the get into our cells and heal from the inside out.

But remember,  not all essential oils are the same. I use only Young Living brand because of their seed to seal process. No other company has that. This means from the seeds they use to farm, growing without pesticides, harvesting only at peak times to get the best yield, distilling at low temps and pressure and doing the bottling at their facility. Plus, the fact that they have their own farms (you can actually visit them), and they practice sustainable farming. I could go on and on.

Crystal Healing With Cats

The vet recently told us that Huki was borderline diabetic. We were all shocked, she’s only 7 and not overweight. So, we bought her different food and have been monitoring what she eats. 

But, I felt this wasn’t enough, so I grabbed a crystal book I had and used the Internet to find some information on which crystals would help balance her overall health and pancreas.

Clear quartz: All healer, amplifies energy put into it. Can balance, focus and transmit energy and intent.

Citrine: Beneficial for multiple organ functioning, release of toxins and is a happy stone. Brings positive energy.

Smokey quartz: protection from negative energy and a grounding stone. Lower torso healer. Good for balancing. 

Dont forget, animals are more sensitive than we are, so start slow and let them gravitate to the ones they “like”. 

Crystal therapy supports spiritual healing and are not to take the place of a prescription  or advice from a Healthcare provider. 

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