Jekyl and Hyde

Short poem:

Nothing to me

Is ever right or good intentioned.

Always fantasies of what could have happened.

Running from myself

the soul is forgotten.

In a dream we jump and wake

before hitting bottom.

But those of us that cannot escape are not forgotten.

Dark And Light

I wish I was someone else.

I wish I was somewhere else.

I wish that the feelings I have were enough for today.

I wish I could sail away be taken by the sea. Washed with salt and reborn.

Reborn from the earth and the sea.

Dead Ivy

Loblolly Pine

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Flashback Memories

Stillson Street, Rochester NY.

Bittersweet memories. Unfortunately, only the bad times come back to me.

But, it’s a new city since I left. 16 years to refresh.

Broken Dock

Sometimes I feel like this is the wreckage that’s left inside of me.

Beautiful sun and water shows a chance of repair and renewal.

But the first thing I see is brokenness.

Spring will come as it always does and choices are made to repair and carry on.

Troll Hunters

Huki and Mau are my troll hunters. They protect me when I sleep.

Flu plague of 2018 or so I’ve heard.

Flu season is here, apparently, because Facebook is telling me so.

So, here is a tidbit from my hubby about the power of Thieves.

“ok folks I am overseas and seeing a lot of posts and media about the “Flu Plague”, let me clue you in on a trick I developed necessitated by a lot of hours spent on commercial airlines and tight travel conditions world wide.

The plague doctors mask were worn by people that went to treat or recover the bodies of individuals who were afflicted by Bubonic Plague in the middle ages. What many people don’t know is that the long beak on the mask was filled with a blend of pleasant smelling herbs and spices that were naturally antiseptic. This blend became known as “Thieves” due to the fact that others also would hold a bag of the same mix over there faces to enter the homes and rob the afflicted.

It would be kind of hard to wear that mask around and to be honest the surgical mask thing is a bit alarmist for me. BUT!! I have found a nice scarf sprayed down with the same “Thieves” mix makes travel waaaayyyy more pleasant!! Whether this is totally effective for filtering out airborne germs I can’t tell u but when somebody in your row has gas it is just the ticket…. and a fine fashion statement.”

If you are interested in ditching chemicals and want to give it a try click here.

Thanks Petey. 😀

63 Pill Bottles

The pain in my chest

Paranoia arrests my rational thinking

I see their lights out of the corners of my eyes

Black shadows moving across the floor
I can’t help but check the locks on the doors and make sure the shades are closed
Helicopters incessantly fly overhead

They rattle my nerves just a little bit more everytime
63 pill bottles line the pantry shelves

What can I find to calm me down
Sleep is farcical

And death is no recourse

Cold Road

Shore drive, Virginia Beach

Cold roads are less travelled.

No Fixing You

You keep saying you’ll get back on track, but you can’t.

“It’s not about willpower!” We are over that. But it is. It’s a part of it.

Can’t you push through?

Pick yourself up and grab the glue to put yourself back together again.

Permanently fractured in all sorts of ways, there is no fixing you these days.

*artwork and tattoo by @nickdevine @helterskeltercustomtattoo

What’s All The Hype About Essential Oils? 

I had someone ask me recently “do essential oils work, or are they a scam?” 

I’m not a scientist or a doctor, so I can’t adequately explain all the science behind the oils, their bioavailability, the brain and body systems supported. But, I can share that they have worked for me and millions of other people. 

I always like to do the research myself when it comes to me and my loved ones health and wellness. So, I found books and online articles to help me make a decision. (Listed at the end) 

Plus, I used them! And found what worked for me.  

Curious about trying oils? The best way to get started using essential oils is grabbing Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.

It comes with a diffuser (you choose which one), 11 of the most popular oils, a roller ball attachment, samples, and some handy literature. When you grab it with my link, it also comes with a access to our nurturing and helpful oily Facebook groups!

Here’s a little breakdown of each oil in the kit and one or two of the MANY things they do.

✔️Thieves: ever heard of that one?? A lot of people have. Best known for being the healthy-keeper. Every house NEEDS this one!

✔️Lavender: Do you struggle with sleep? Do you have kids that don’t sleep??  This is the swiss army knife of essential oils. It is great for relaxation, in sleepy cream, creating a calm environment for kids (and ME) and moisturizing skin!

✔️Lemon: So refreshing in a glass of water. Makes me drink more water which I know is good for me.  Naturally highlights hair, excellent for cleaning and makes people HAPPY!😁😁😁😁😁

✔️Copiaba: (CO-PIE-EE-BUH) – supports the body’s response to injury/irritation, regulates natural immune responses and promotes youthful appearance from the inside out. Has similar chemical properties to CBD oil!!! Hands down the most important oil in this bundle!

✔️Peppermint: Delicious and energizing in a morning smoothie. Incredible for supporting the digestive system, proper nasal and respiratory function and helping you feel more alert. Basically, everything.

✔️DiGize (DIE-JIZE): swallow a few drops in tea or a capsule before or after a meal to support the digestive system. Keeps nausea away, great for occasional irregularity and helping cranky tummies!

✔️Purification :Add a few drops on a cotton cloth or wool dryer balls for clean & fresh smelling clothes out of the dryer. Got stinky hockey gear, soccer cleats, dog smell, bathroom odors? Not anymore!

✔️RC :So good rubbed on the chest before exercise or at bedtime for respiratory system support.  We use alllllllllll winter long!

✔️Frankincense : Another MUST-HAVE powerful helper. It is Incredible for the skin and immune system, eases occasional and minor tension, uplifting for meditation and amazing rubbed on tired muscles.

✔️PanAway: Wonderful for knees, shoulders, low backs, necks, and even over the abdomen during that time of the month {ladies}.

✔️Stress Away:The name says it all! Diffuse at bedtime or breath from your hands when its been “one of those days.”  It’s heavenly in the diffuser, too!

We’re always having fun classes in person and online where you can get new ideas and inspiration about how to use oils on yourself, with your kids, spouses, babies, on pets, for cleaning and so much more.

💥💥They’ve paid for themselves a trillion times over!!💥💥

At any time if you decide you’re ready to jump into wellness and start oiling then I’m here! In the mean time, I’ll be over here smelling ah-mazing!

Some reading materials I used:

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt

French Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Recipes And Usage by Jen O’Sullivan

 Plus many others!

Pictures As Feelings

Sometimes I have no motivation or feel any type of creativity. But, I always try to take a lot of pictures anyways so I have a stock to use.

I take pictures of animals, people, plants, places, oils and things. So, when I’m feeling uncreative (is that a word?😂) I scroll through the roll and find nuggets like this toilet picture. 

This perfectly displays how I’ve been feeling lately. 

Me inside a nice shiny and clean shit bowl, with a smile on my face and cute ponytail. Enjoy. ❤

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