Poe House

Baltimore, Maryland

An impromptu trip.

I was going to England, but the universe had different plans for my trip. Well, Wow Airlines had different plans because they went bankrupt a couples days before I left. 😑 flights cancelled, all aircraft grounded and I’m chilling at BWI Airport.

So when in Baltimore, go see Poe. Just don’t go when there’s a baseball game. Traffic was horrendous. It was a tiny house on the corner of a north Amity street with narrow stairs and darkened rooms. A short self guided tour with local macabre art on display through the house.

It was a good treat to see as I tried making the best out of my trip.

Keep Coming Back

Why is it

Once so many days have passed,

The sun comes up

And I’m here

At last.

All the work was done

To outgrow the thoughts of you,

Yet once again at last

My heart belongs to you.

Beale Street

Memphis Tennessee.

Winter Dichotomy

How beautiful a snowy landscape is

In the eyes of the happy hearted.

But to others, it only personifies the cold, loneliness and desolation of a landscape.

What do you see as you look at the picture?

Beauty? Bitter cold?

End of Yol

I haven’t posted in a long while. Between the holidays, family, work and nagging exhaustion I just let the days pass.

Life happens. And when I am left to setting my own schedule… Sleep always takes priority-probably because I don’t get any πŸ˜‰

But with the winter solstice passed, our days are getting longer. More sunlight, more hope, more warmth and inevitably rebirth come the spring.

So thank you to my followers, and thank you to the universe. We each have a brighter day coming as the new season approaches. And the awakening and upgrades for this year will come. πŸ’ŸπŸŒ πŸŒ·

In Between

Stuck in between the afterlife and the living. Such a place to be.

For The Trees

For the trees

They breath

When I’m drowning

and have nothing to say

The trees will breathe

For me

I have so much to say

Those who have the strongest roots

For me

Will say it all

And will speak

For the trees.

Drowning In Black Waters

In her dreams she falls

Hits the ground and keeps on running

Never wakes before

She slams into the ground.

But in the black waters is where her dream ends

Calm, peace and darkness

Unto the end.

No more crushed bones

Or skull pieces broken from the fall

Just drowning in the dark black waters.

Glistening Waters

Chesapeake bay has a way of growing on ya. Reminds me of a woman.

Sometimes calm

Sometimes restless

Sometimes murky

Sometimes relentless

At The Bottom


At the bottom of my glass

Swamp blues and a one man band.

Bunker Brew, Virginia Beach, USA

Mindwise For Brain Health

I will take any help I can get when it comes to my brain and cardiovascular system. Years of eating crappy food, drinking alcohol and good ole genetics are definately not on my side. But, it’s never too late to get on track with your health.

So, in comes Mindwise from Young Living. It’s both a heart and brain function supplement with:

  • GPC, Algar, bioidentical CoQ10
  • High proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • No added preservatives
  • Formulated with Tumeric

So what does it all do? Mindwise provides antioxidants, cell support, cell energy, amino acids, healthy Omega 3’s in vegetarian form, vitamin E, A and D.

So 1 tablespoon everyday is all you need! It’s so easy to get a head (no pun intendedπŸ˜‚) on my nutrition and day when I start with this supplement.

Click here to get started!

So Cold

Go to sleep and hope for the snow.

Wake up late and find a storm.

It’s just the beginning, the men are dead in the fields.

Horses came through, but none drew near.

Valkyrie wings close down; plunging and swooping the bloodied earth.

Clawing and clenching some off the field, the rest were left to feed the ground.

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