Gluten intolerance, food allergies, environmental toxins, there's so many things these days that are attacking our bodies. I feel like I need to get a plastic bubble suit and then I will be able to go out into the world and enjoy life!  I've had allergies since I was 18. So, a couple years lol... Continue Reading →

Abundance is an attitude and state of mind... Apparently. I never thought about it like that because I was brought up thinking words like that meant wealth, $$$, tables of food, piles of jewels and having lots of THINGS. My views have changed a lot over the last couple of years, mostly because of life,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving was a little different for me this year. I was stuck in a situation with my career-kind of a limbo of sorts, and received some closure with that on Tuesday. There's a lot of fear in the unknown but I keep plugging along because I just know I will find my"why". What did the... Continue Reading →

I'm not really great at writing, or being able to get everything out with words. But, I looked at the end table next to "my seat" on the couch and thought "geez, you need to put that crap away!" Then I realized, this describes my life and me all on one 18"×18" end table.

I'm actually outside! Talking to people I don't know! Somewhere I've never been! 😆 I signed up for a small neighborhood vendor event and I have a table for my oils. I actually love talking about oils and how I've switched out A LOT of my household products and personal products for essential oils. Plus,... Continue Reading →

​This just reinforces how grateful i am to have found Young Living. I spent a lot of money on health food store, online, cheap oils because I didn't know that "100% pure" on the label DOESN'T mean it is 100% essential oil.  5x's extra strength??!!!   I can go to YL's farms and see every part... Continue Reading →

I truly believe I'm a freak of nature. Well, I guess "freak" is a little harsh, maybe weirdo would be more fitting? Anyways, I developed hives all over my back and stomach over the weekend. Why? Who knows! I am allergic to everything, but it was just strange because I didn't change any products or... Continue Reading →

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