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I owe you nothing. Well. As I remember it we have what’s called a stalemate. Zero is the pot. Lady lucks hands are empty tonight. As I recall, there is nothing spent so, nothing shall be made. I owe you nothing. Nothing is always… Continue Reading “LEAD WEIGHTS”

Come And Go

You’ve only just gotten here don’t leave so soon. Rushing in Always Leaving me too soon. I thought the universe heard me. When you messaged me My wanting and wishing had came through. Nope not this time just like the times before. You are… Continue Reading “Come And Go”

Poe House

Baltimore, Maryland An impromptu trip. I was going to England, but the universe had different plans for my trip. Well, Wow Airlines had different plans because they went bankrupt a couples days before I left. 😡 flights cancelled, all aircraft grounded and I’m chilling… Continue Reading “Poe House”

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