London taken from Greenwich (Cutty Sark) We are never free from ourselves. Even if you travel to the ends of the Earth, there is always someone you can never leave behind. But, when you are alone and in an unfamiliar place, you might find out who you need to be.

Stillson Street, Rochester NY. Bittersweet memories. Unfortunately, only the bad times come back to me. But, it's a new city since I left. 16 years to refresh.

Sometimes I feel like this is the wreckage that's left inside of me. Beautiful sun and water shows a chance of repair and renewal. But the first thing I see is brokenness. Spring will come as it always does and choices are made to repair and carry on.

When I was on active duty, I was in charge of taking care of people, their safety, millions of dollars in equipment-the usual. 😂 So, I would always check my work on the planes, have someone else check it, then check it again. This was almost to the point of obsession and then, at times,... Continue Reading →

Just when I think everything is shit and I'm stuck in the circus of my head, the universe will throw me a sunny day. Then, miraculously I'm able to catch a glimpse of gratitude to help put things back into perspective.  I'm not a failure if I am still here. 

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