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We Don’t Owe

No more calls No more late nights It’s just a fog in my head My eyes swollen and burning My chest is long and empty No hunger, no yearning No one owed us anything in this life Not even a goodbye

End of Yol

I haven’t posted in a long while. Between the holidays, family, work and nagging exhaustion I just let the days pass. Life happens. And when I am left to setting my own schedule… Sleep always takes priority-probably because I don’t get any 😉 But… Continue Reading “End of Yol”

Sea Is Calling Me

It’s semi-cold in Hatteras today. Like-60°. 😂 But, I never get bored walking the beaches. No sunshine is the best time for me because of my skin conditions.  No 🌞 = No 🔥 So, on thanksgiving week, I am grateful for the peacefulness of… Continue Reading “Sea Is Calling Me”

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