I know the power of a vision board. I have used them before. It's about taking the time to sit quietly with yourself and "put out" to the universe what you want/need. I decided, since they are such powerful tools, to move mine onto the fridge. Why the fridge? Well, I see it multiple times... Continue Reading →

The vet recently told us that Huki was borderline diabetic. We were all shocked, she's only 7 and not overweight. So, we bought her different food and have been monitoring what she eats.  But, I felt this wasn't enough, so I grabbed a crystal book I had and used the Internet to find some information... Continue Reading →

It's the beginning of a new year and this warm tumeric drink is worth another posting. #goodrecipe .   This recipe is for Tumeric Tea aka Golden Milk, aka anti-inflammatory drink. I now believe it's my life mission to fight my immune system since the prednisone, hives debacle of 2 weeks ago. Yup, it's back... Continue Reading →

Fermented drinks are all the rage these days, and although I made a few attempts to make kombucha, it didn't work out so well. (Scoby molded-GROSS) So, I had to put that idea to rest. Then,  I came across a Pintrest pin about another fermented drink called Switchel. MUCH easier to make than kombucha! Plus,... Continue Reading →

Review-DIY Dryer Sheets

Don't, just don't try these. What i found online was a recipe (diy) for dryer sheets. A lot of reviews from the interweb claimed the laundry would be soft and smell like whichever essential oil you added. However, the clothes had no sent, were really static-y and didnt smell like anything. What i can say,... Continue Reading →

Sexy Time

If you are looking for a little kick to your Valentine's day sexy time, try this oily recipe. The mixture is applied inside of the thigh (for women). It smells heavenly and if you use a good carrier oil like jojoba, it goes on silky smooth. As always, I prefer Young Living brand oils. There's... Continue Reading →

Meat Muffins

So, here's a great recipe using a muffin tin vice the regular meatloaf pan. 1lb ground beef or turkey 1 egg 1/2-3/4 cup breadcrumbs (Italian or plain) 1/2 cup barbecue sauce ( I like Cattleman's Carolina tangy) 1/2 cup of onions salt and pepper to taste heat oven to 375 degrees and bake for 25... Continue Reading →

Bootie Spray

OK. So, the husband wants me to concoct a bootie spray for his surf boots. I say just buy some, but in the interest of being frugal, here it is: It's kind and of trial by error. I'm no scientist or chemist, but it's been working for the stink in the boots. 😘 spray bottle... Continue Reading →

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