Cat On A Hot Porch Floor


I don’t get it. My cats (both long hair) love to sit on the porch and sleep when its 90 degrees out. It’s like they go into hibernation mode. They also look drunk. Lol


Hahaha This Cat Is Awesome

Hey, had to share this. Mau is a trip and constantly provides hours of entertainment in our house. Note: she does this in the tub without the toy. 😂

Top 5 Recipes For Orange Essential Oil

Orange Oil

As I’ve been experimenting with different essential oils, I decided to try orange oil. Now, I usually am not a fan of oranges or orange juice but I read that it can be diffused for relaxation and even sleep. The more I looked into it, the more recipes I saw for everything from shampoo to flea spray. So, here is a list of the top 5 uses for orange essential oil:

1. Natural Shampoo

• 1 cup water
• 5 tablespoons raw honey
• 5 drops orange essential oil
• 5 drops lemon essential oil
• Glass bottle with dispenser

This isn’t a foaming wash, but it smells great. It also balances ph, restores moisture and fights dandruff.

2. Flea Spray (Dogs)

12 ounces water
1 tablespoons of castile soap
2 drops of orange essential oil
2 drops of lavender essential oil
2 drops of rosemary essential oil
2 tablespoons of witch hazel
3. Kitchen Cleaner

12 ounces water
1 glass spray bottle
2-3 drops orange essential oil
Dash of coconut oil
Make sure to test surfaces before use.

4. Mood Buster

Glass roll on bottle
10 drops orange essential oil
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops cedar wood essential oil
Fractionated coconut oil ( or jojoba, grape seed, whichever you prefer 😀)
Pop the roller top on and shake or roll with your palms and apply to the back of the neck, wrists or chest.
NOTE: Orange oil can cause photosensitivity. So it is suggested to wait 12hrs before going out in the sun.

5. Waffles!

Mix up a batch of waffles
3 drops orange oil



I have been with an institution for almost 2 decades, that many people base their entire identity on. For me, part of my soul growth has come from the pain of realizing I have outgrown my career.

Is that ok? Yup.

Does it feel good to find out you’re not like everyone else and have completely different needs and goals?  Nope.

I’ve always struggled with needing people to like me. Logic and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has told me that I shouldn’t give a shit about that. But, I’m human.

I feel like an outsider sitting at the weekly office meetings, walking through the hallways and walking to my car in the evenings. “What fool would WASTE their career after all of this time? Why would you throw all that we did for you away?”

Kinda harsh. But ok.

Any great memories I have, all the places I have been, all the skills I’ve learned along the way will never be thrown away or erased. I have had a long run in my job and I’ve worked very hard, but now I have to take care of me. My road is veering off from theirs; I am starting to repair the damage that years of hard work and hard living can do to a person. A wise person once said: “you can’t save your ass and your face at the same time.”

I certainly can’t. I reached a point where I felt like I had no soul.

I am grateful and scared. But, as long as I make the decision for me, it will never be wrong.

Review-DIY Dryer Sheets

Don’t, just don’t try these. What i found online was a recipe (diy) for dryer sheets. A lot of reviews from the interweb claimed the laundry would be soft and smell like whichever essential oil you added. However, the clothes had no sent, were really static-y and didnt smell like anything.

What i can say, to be fair, is the static-y part was probably not totally from the DIY dryer sheets. The fact that the clothes didn’t have any scent,  I was a little p’d about considering the recipe called for 30 drops of oil.

Here’s what i tried:

1/4 cup white vinegar
30 drops essential oil for scent
1 tbsp water

I cut an old cotton t-shirt in to 4 strips the size of dryer sheets, put all of it in a glass bowl with lid and let it soak. When I was ready to dry clothes,  I wrung it out and tossed it in the dryer. The clothes were kinda soft, that was a plus. They didn’t smell like vinegar-thank god. But i had no oil scent.

All in all, I have definitely dropped commercial dryer sheets. But until i can find a better recipe, ill skip the scent part for now. I give it a 40 out 100 rating.

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Here’s A Little Help From Psychotherapy.

So, its hard to do a blog when youre depressed and dont give a shit. But, i thought there were a couple “funny” tips on this sheet I got in group;

“101 Stress Relievers”

– take up knitting. Hahaha no.

– take a child to the playground. I’ll have to see if one is in the neighbor’s yard before i can do that.

– count to 10 or 1000 before exploding.
I want to punch the person who wrote this list in the face…1

– build a model ship. What if I was poor, how the hell can i build a model ship.


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Daily Affirmations

Sometimes life gets hard and I need a reminder or 2 to get through the day. I found these on Facebook, because who doesn’t look for guidance and life solutions on Facebook.


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Essential Oil Safety For Pets

We all love our little furry ones and want them to be healthy and happy. So, here are some safety tips when using oils on/around our pets:

1. Start slow! Dilute the oils heavily and apply small amounts. A little goes a looooong way.

2. Every animal is different, just like us humans, so carefully observe how each animal responds to the oils.

3. Use common sense when applying or diffusing and don’t apply in or around mucous membranes or sensitive areas.

4. Avoid using high-phenol oils such as Oregano and Thyme with any animals, especially cats.

5. Be especially cautious when using essential oils with cats.

6. Citrus oils are specifically bad for cats.

A good rule of thumb is to dilute 80–90 percent prior to application (for example, for every 1 drop of oil, use 4–5 drops of a diluting agent, like V-6  Vegetable Complex.

Young Living offers a full line of animal-specific products.

*If your pet or animal has a known health issue, please consult your veterinarian before administering essential oils.


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Seasonal Relief Recipe

SeasonI  been suffering with seasonal issues for over 10 years. When I say suffering, I mean eczema, swollen eyes, itchy throat, itchy ears, rashes… it sucks. I wanted to try something different than my usual routine, so I searched online and put together this essential oil roller using 10 drops each of lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils with fractionated coconut  oil.
I use this roller on the back of my neck a couple times a day. It’s so easy! It has an invigorating smell and the coconut oil moisturizes which is an added bonus.

*edited to update terminology

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Sexy Time

Essential oil recipe

If you are looking for a little kick to your Valentine’s day sexy time, try this oily recipe. The mixture is applied inside of the thigh (for women). It smells heavenly and if you use a good carrier oil like jojoba, it goes on silky smooth.

As always, I prefer Young Living brand oils. There’s a million uses and it’s a healthy way to get some the toxins out of our lives. But, enough on that… Mix the ingredients in a small glass bowl or even drop them into the palm of your hand, and mix well. Then,use as a moisturizer on the inside of the legs and thigh.

Do Not Apply internally— if you know what I mean… And enjoy the sensual aroma..

Stay tuned for the men’s version. Lol


Ooooh Vitality is Out!

I love how Young Living adapts and overcomes! Their new vitality line is awesome. The different labeling allows its users to tailor their use and education of the product easier with the Vitality line. I’m definitely updating my monthly Essential Rewards order with some of these.

I think people get put off by Young Living because it’s multi-level marketing. I was at first, but when I started using the oils and slowly replacing the toxic chemicals in my laundry and in the house, I started to realize that they have superior products. They own or partner in the farms giving them oversight in growing, distilling and bottling.

I trust that what I’m using is what is listed on the bottle. No, dupes.


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

It’s snowing in Virginia beach, well kinda snow clumps and rain. It’s adding to my overall depression, but I kinda like it. I’m at a point where feeling low is a comfort zone. Happiness is odd and fleeting. But as people suggest this too shall pass, as it usually does. When I feel like this I look for ways to get out of the “hole”.

Music- has always been a good escape. Music has a direct root to my brain and always stirs an immediate response in my feelings.

Smell-one of our oldest senses. Smell brings back memories both good and bad, but travels through our smell receptors to our amygdala and hippocampus which store our memories and emotions. I can diffuse a number of oils depending on how I want to feel.

There are always ups and downs and if just for a short time I can get a reprieve those are the 2 things I go to first. It works for me.

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