Essential Oils Life

2 years ago, my husband bought me a Young Living essential oils starter kit with a diffuser for Christmas. He knew that I was interested in finding natural alternatives for my health and wellness and this was the perfect gift! I was fed up waiting at the pharmacy and waiting for doctors appointments, all just to put a “Band-Aid” on the issues. The oils and diffuser opened up a whole new world for me to take care of me and my family naturally and chemical-free.  At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it other than use the oils for aromatherapy. But, because my husband purchased the Young Living starter kit from a Lemon Dropper, I had access to Facebook groups, literature and a whole community of support at home and across the country. There are more than a thousand and one ways oils can support our physical and mental well-being, each nurturing and healing our bodies from the inside out.  This was the start of a life changing journey, one that I was desperately searching for.

Let me help you take the leap into an essential oils life! Start here at my choice for essential oils, and join the Lemon Dropper community of support and information!