Flu plague of 2018 or so I’ve heard.

Flu season is here, apparently, because Facebook is telling me so.

So, here is a tidbit from my hubby about the power of Thieves.

“ok folks I am overseas and seeing a lot of posts and media about the “Flu Plague”, let me clue you in on a trick I developed necessitated by a lot of hours spent on commercial airlines and tight travel conditions world wide.

The plague doctors mask were worn by people that went to treat or recover the bodies of individuals who were afflicted by Bubonic Plague in the middle ages. What many people don’t know is that the long beak on the mask was filled with a blend of pleasant smelling herbs and spices that were naturally antiseptic. This blend became known as “Thieves” due to the fact that others also would hold a bag of the same mix over there faces to enter the homes and rob the afflicted.

It would be kind of hard to wear that mask around and to be honest the surgical mask thing is a bit alarmist for me. BUT!! I have found a nice scarf sprayed down with the same “Thieves” mix makes travel waaaayyyy more pleasant!! Whether this is totally effective for filtering out airborne germs I can’t tell u but when somebody in your row has gas it is just the ticket…. and a fine fashion statement.”

If you are interested in ditching chemicals and want to give it a try click here.

Thanks Petey. 😀

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