Thieves And Gratitude

Arrived in London 4 days ago. No luggage, runing out of clean socks and patience. The positive side is that I’ve only had 2 major meltdowns… One privately (because air bnb room was disgusting) and the other in the lobby of the Doubletree by Hilton Greenwich.

The awesome manager at the hotel helped me explain the address to British Airways using my cell and I ate half a basket of their Halloween candy to “calm” myself.😄

But, when I got my luggage, I whipped outmy oils and 4 drops of Thieves blend went on one foot and the bottle of Gratitude blend drenched the other.

I don’t know whether it is routine or my trust in the oils that helped me through, I know with certainty – when in doubt- raise your frequency.  Those oils definately will.

Raise frequency=Raise your health

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