Gluten Free Pancakes 

Anytime I hear the term gluten-free I think “mmmm cardboard.” But, since I’ve been trying to narrow down the causes of my allergies, I’m trying different foods.

I love Trader Joe’s and since we are on a budget now, I can still find good prices there and still shop healthy. 

Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix was my new item this week. Yes, it is a couple dollars more than regular mix, but it turned out to be really worth it. 

There are hints of vanilla and puffs up like a regular pancake. It tasted and looked like a regular pancake, without the bloating and nap that usually follows.

The only con was the size is 18oz and it was more expensive than the 2lb Multigrain Pancake and Baking Mix. 

So, if you are looking to cut out some gluten, give it a try. I would definitely buy this again. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, feel free to comment. 

Author: gypsygina1

Sailor. Empath. Essential Oils Enthusiast. I am constantly searching for peace in myself and when I get a glimpse of it, I share it with whoever will listen.

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