Man Flu – Turning Men Into Toddlers 

Ahhh, the flu. It can cripple the strongest woman or man when they least expect it. I find that travelling makes us even more susceptible because of the thousand of people we come in contact with. Planes, trains, buses and public restrooms are the worst offenders. 

But, if you have a weapon like Thieves in your arsenal, you can support your immune system and hopefully travel healthy. 

So my husband, who exercises every day and eats well, caught something on a recent flight from Europe.  I honestly have never seen him so sick. He suffers from the Man-Flu on occasion, but this time he was layed out for over a week and a half. He swears it was because of the 2 Swedish ladies coughing and sneezing next to him on his flight, but in reality, he could have picked it up anywhere along his trip.

As soon as he came home coughing, I started taking 2 drops of Theives Vitality in a spoonful of honey twice a day. I also rubbed 2 drops on the bottoms of my feet before bed. I always do this to help support my body anytime I’m not feeling 100%.

Needless to say, my husband ended up at urgent care (because he wouldn’t go to the doctor on travel) and thankfully, I was feeling great and could take care of him. Oh yah, and disinfect everything in the house he coughed on. Thieves Cleaner to the rescue!

Author: gypsygina1

Sailor. Empath. Essential Oils Enthusiast. I am constantly searching for peace in myself and when I get a glimpse of it, I share it with whoever will listen.

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