The Silent Killer – Sedentary Life

Slowing down

Trapped in a bubble

Wasting away from inactivity

This is how I feel when I haven’t left the house for a week. My brain kinda gets stuck in a rut and then”rinse, lather and repeats.” It is so true what they say “use it or lose it.” I feel a little slower, can’t quite get the words out that I want to use, and then concentration goes and into bed or on the couch I go.

So, what can I do to help this not be so debilitating?

1. Color

2. 10 minutes of walking (I hate exercising)

3. Stay off of Facebook!!!!

There are numerous other things, but starting small is still progress. Change sucks! It’s not always easy, but I believe in baby steps-just not turtle baby steps. šŸ˜


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