Poison Toothpaste!?!?

Brushing my teeth could kill me? Whaaat??? Well, maybe not right away.

I have been seeing so many articles and Pintrest pins about all the toxins in our daily use products. Formaldehyde, parabens, toluene, sodium lauryl sulfate, I can’t keep track. So, I started making the switch. But, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Lololol💣😆

I started with reading labels of my commonly used items and then looking up the ones I didn’t know  (or couldn’t pronounce). Here are a few I found in my medicine cabinet:

Triclosan – thought to cause disruption in thyroid function and hormone levels

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – skin irritant in high concentrations

Fragrance -artificial or synthetic can clog the lymphatic system

Dimethcone – non-biodegradable chemical (bad for environment), can cause skin irritation, forms layer over the skin that traps dirt and bacteria

Parabens – linked to reproductive damage and organ toxicity

Those are just a few. These chemicals are everywhere and are regarded as safe by the FDA, but not everything the FDA appproves is healthy for us. It’s impossible and impractical to ditch all your products and buy new ones. So, little swaps each month make it manageable.

I’m a firm believer in progress not perfection. Let me help you make the switch-we can walk through it together! There’s so many quality, natural products to make a healthy swap with!

I started with general spray cleaner and toothpaste. Here are my swaps:

One bottle of the Thieves cleaner will make about 12-14 bottles of cleaner, and there’s no flouride in the toothpaste.

If you are ready to make the swap, click “my choice for essential oils” and get the Thieves starter kit. Then, we can do this together!


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