Why Aromatherapy Works

Smell triggers memory responses which in turn create chemical responses in our brain and body.

For instance, when I was a kid, I ate an Atomic Fireball and it made me so sick I threw it up and drooled red slimy drool all down the shorts I had just gotten from Gold Circle. Mom was pissed and ever since then, the littlest smell of cinnamon in anything makes my mouth water and stomach turn. That’s a 30+ year scent-memory connection that creates an emotional and physiological response.

Essential oil molecules are so small they are able to get inside the cells of our body. Aromatherapy is one method to receive the healing constituents of essential oils by which they travel into the nose, into the brain and cells of our body.

This is why it works. Aromatherapy gives us the ability to disperse the oil and all of its wonderful properties in a way that can be easily absorbed by the body. Once in the body, the get into our cells and heal from the inside out.

But remember,  not all essential oils are the same. I use only Young Living brand because of their seed to seal process. No other company has that. This means from the seeds they use to farm, growing without pesticides, harvesting only at peak times to get the best yield, distilling at low temps and pressure and doing the bottling at their facility. Plus, the fact that they have their own farms (you can actually visit them), and they practice sustainable farming. I could go on and on.

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