Crystal Healing With Cats

The vet recently told us that Huki was borderline diabetic. We were all shocked, she’s only 7 and not overweight. So, we bought her different food and have been monitoring what she eats. 

But, I felt this wasn’t enough, so I grabbed a crystal book I had and used the Internet to find some information on which crystals would help balance her overall health and pancreas.

Clear quartz: All healer, amplifies energy put into it. Can balance, focus and transmit energy and intent.

Citrine: Beneficial for multiple organ functioning, release of toxins and is a happy stone. Brings positive energy.

Smokey quartz: protection from negative energy and a grounding stone. Lower torso healer. Good for balancing. 

Dont forget, animals are more sensitive than we are, so start slow and let them gravitate to the ones they “like”. 

Crystal therapy supports spiritual healing and are not to take the place of a prescription  or advice from a Healthcare provider. 

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