Itchies, Bumps and Hives. Oh My! 

Gluten intolerance, food allergies, environmental toxins, there’s so many things these days that are attacking our bodies. I feel like I need to get a plastic bubble suit and then I will be able to go out into the world and enjoy life! 

I’ve had allergies since I was 18. So, a couple years lol 😉 . I’ve tried antihistamines ,  h2 blockers (like Zantac) shots, inhalers, creams and steroids. This last trip to the ER really has me at my wits end. 

The doc and me are  convinced that besides mold, dust and dry air, the culprit is hiding in my diet. And so begins the elimination of breads, pastas, dairy, sweets… I’m probably going to starve. 

The one thing that hasn’t let me down are my oils. I have a few blends that I wasn’t sure what to do with, so I did my research and dropped it in the diffuser. It’s called Aromaease. It contains spearmint, peppermint, cardamom, fennel, and ginger. It smells cool, calming and just relaxes the environment around me. The mints always seem to support my respiratory issues, so I  will diffuse this at bed tonight too! My fight against my environment probably won’t end soon, so I will definitely update when I find the culprit! Thanks😄

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