Creating Abundance

Abundance is an attitude and state of mind… Apparently.

I never thought about it like that because I was brought up thinking words like that meant wealth, $$$, tables of food, piles of jewels and having lots of THINGS. My views have changed a lot over the last couple of years, mostly because of life, job and people changes.

Life is life, jobs come and go (not necessarily planned or expected) and people don’t always live up to our expectations. So, what’s left when all that falls into the shitter? I am slowly learning that there is actually a lot left to life. There’s a seed of hope that things will even out and a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store. There’s the ability to show up for a friend when they need you or getting a good couple of meals in the same day.

I guess abundance is a choice (to some extent) and I know that I can choose to see everything as good or all bad. But, I want to find some peace and be happy, so that mindset is definitely something I have to consciously work on. However, it gets easier everyday.

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