Thrifty Thursday  Tip – DIY Shave Oil 

My husband had asked me a while ago for a shave oil, but I kept forgetting to order him one. Sorry Petey. 😘

So, now that I have ordered it (Young Living’s Mirah shave oil) I made a homemade one to tide him over. Here’s what I did:

1. Container (glass pump or plastic squeeze)

2. Castor oil 1tsp

3. Grapeseed oil 4tbsp

4. 5 drops Rosemary essential oil.

I shook it up really well and voila. Now, the first time I made it, he said it was a little thick. But, I had used a bit more castor oil. He wanted something really slick, and I’ve found the above ratios to be a good start.

If anyone has any tips, please share them! What do your men like?

Author: gypsygina1

Sailor. Empath. Essential Oils Enthusiast. I am constantly searching for peace in myself and when I get a glimpse of it, I share it with whoever will listen.

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