Why Is Everyone Staring At Me

Well, some are and some aren’t. Today they definitely were because I missed a button on my uniform shirt and walked around like that for 2 hours before I noticed.

But hey, no one’s perfect. 

I also had a “revelation” driving to work that I am changing my name to Gypsy Starlight. Why not?! 

Deepak Chopra was doing a Facebook live video a couple days ago  (don’t quote me), about how we are not a person. You are not the same person you were yesterday. You are not the same physical or mental person you were when you were a baby. 

We change every day, our cells die and new ones are made. Our life energy in us changes. We are not “the person” we were in the past and we will be a different person tomorrow. 

So, we shouldn’t define ourselves as one type, or persona or place restrictions on who we are, because we can and do change every day. It is very freeing. 

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