Mad Scientist Mondays

I truly believe I’m a freak of nature. Well, I guess “freak” is a little harsh, maybe weirdo would be more fitting? Anyways, I developed hives all over my back and stomach over the weekend. Why? Who knows! I am allergic to everything, but it was just strange because I didn’t change any products or foods or anything. So I reached for my oil medicine cabinet and pulled out the patchouli and lavender and commenced the slathering. It worked awesome, and the next day there were only remnants of itchies left. 3rd day the hives came back, so i decided to go to the doctor. He gave me an antihistamine, petroleum based cream and anti-reflux medicine that has antihistamine properties. Whaaattt??

  • Um, gross to the cream and no I’m not taking reflux medicine I don’t need.

So, i went back to the oils and I’ve had no problems since.

I would rather play mad scientist with essential oils. It’s much healthier. 😘

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