Empower Yourself Through Nature

There’s been a lot of buzz around essential oils over the last year. Thoughts that come to mind are “Is this the placebo effect?” “Are these companies selling us snake oil?” 🤔

Maybe… I definitely have tried a few “organic”, “therapeutic grade” grade oils from natural food markets and online. Once i started seeking information about different oils, and learning about processing and distillation, I ditched those oils. 

When I saw that only one of these companies actually had their own farms, controlled growing, harvesting and distillation procedures, I was a little mad about money I had wasted. But, my confidence in using the oils for wellness went through the roof! Only Young Living ensures standards and qualities are met-no perfume grade, diluted, adulterated, synthetic oils. There’s also no “middle man”. 

I can only speak from my experience and I have not yet been disappointed by their oils or the company for that fact. What do I use them for?

Immune system support, over 40 support, meditation, relaxation, supporting digestion, cleaning, cooking and the list is endless. 

Taking control over my health and wellness was very empowering for me. I could finally have natural ways to improve my health. The earth has given us solutions for problems for thousands of years. I’m glad I am finally listening. 

Author: gypsygina1

Sailor. Empath. Essential Oils Enthusiast. I am constantly searching for peace in myself and when I get a glimpse of it, I share it with whoever will listen.

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