Review-DIY Dryer Sheets

Don’t, just don’t try these. What i found online was a recipe (diy) for dryer sheets. A lot of reviews from the interweb claimed the laundry would be soft and smell like whichever essential oil you added. However, the clothes had no sent, were really static-y and didnt smell like anything.

What i can say, to be fair, is the static-y part was probably not totally from the DIY dryer sheets. The fact that the clothes didn’t have any scent,  I was a little p’d about considering the recipe called for 30 drops of oil.

Here’s what i tried:

1/4 cup white vinegar
30 drops essential oil for scent
1 tbsp water

I cut an old cotton t-shirt in to 4 strips the size of dryer sheets, put all of it in a glass bowl with lid and let it soak. When I was ready to dry clothes,  I wrung it out and tossed it in the dryer. The clothes were kinda soft, that was a plus. They didn’t smell like vinegar-thank god. But i had no oil scent.

All in all, I have definitely dropped commercial dryer sheets. But until i can find a better recipe, ill skip the scent part for now. I give it a 40 out 100 rating.

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