Essential Oil Safety For Pets

We all love our little furry ones and want them to be healthy and happy. So, here are some safety tips when using oils on/around our pets:

1. Start slow! Dilute the oils heavily and apply small amounts. A little goes a looooong way.

2. Every animal is different, just like us humans, so carefully observe how each animal responds to the oils.

3. Use common sense when applying or diffusing and don’t apply in or around mucous membranes or sensitive areas.

4. Avoid using high-phenol oils such as Oregano and Thyme with any animals, especially cats.

5. Be especially cautious when using essential oils with cats.

6. Citrus oils are specifically bad for cats.

A good rule of thumb is to dilute 80–90 percent prior to application (for example, for every 1 drop of oil, use 4–5 drops of a diluting agent, like V-6  Vegetable Complex.

Young Living offers a full line of animal-specific products.

*If your pet or animal has a known health issue, please consult your veterinarian before administering essential oils.


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2 Comments on “Essential Oil Safety For Pets

  1. Huki luvs the difuser! she sits rite by it and watches it all the time. when you snuggle up with her she smells soooooo good!!


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