Well, not really. I had the privilege of watching a military physical training session this afternoon, and even did a couple squats myself… but these guys attitudes and effort was a fresh of breath air!
A couple complaints about the stank ass gloves, and needing a beer, but they kept it moving through stretching, and basic one and two.
I really admire these guys (girls and 1 guy). A lot of their stories never get told. They get married, get deployed. Have children, get deployed. The news will highlight the worst, usually because of a death or tragedy.
But, there’s way more to them their lives and service. I know some of their stories. Today, they smiled and punched some heavy bags and i got to do that too.
Thank a veteran, because we never know their story.


Author: gypsygina1

Sailor. Empath. Essential Oils Enthusiast. I am constantly searching for peace in myself and when I get a glimpse of it, I share it with whoever will listen.

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